this is for you.

you are a sacred vessel.

you transcend the earthly plane and channel divine cosmic energy. 

you are a rare and golden soul who operates between the two worlds to heal, love and cultivate oneness. 


this space is for us.

this space is intended to illuminate the path to remembering who we are, what we want and what we stand for.


we are one.

we experience the same fears, struggles, joys and triumphs.

this is what allows us to relate, understand and connect.

this is what binds us together as one.

when we harm another, we harm ourselves.

when are harmonious within, we are harmonious with existence.

all we can do is try to reach our highest, truest, and fullest expressions of ourselves through love, with love, always.

for ourselves and our world.


keep one foot on earth and one foot in the celestial waters, always.

M ♥

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