The Healing Collection


The Earth Angel Range. 

The Earth and Heavens are not outside of you. You carry the Earth and Heavens inside. Touch your third eye to the Earth and remember the Most High dwells within you. There is no limit to Your power and the power of the Universe.

The Healing Candle.

Candle burning engages the Earth’s elements to call upon the Archangels. The candle itself represents Earth (Archangel Uriel), the flame relates to the Fire element (Archangel Michael), the smoke refers to the Air (Archangel Raphael), and the melting wax symbolises Water (Archangel Gabriel).The Healing Candle channels the spirit of Archangel Uriel, represented on the candle by the alchemical symbol of the element Earth.

The Healing Booklet. 

The Healing Booklet is about acknowledging your feelings, processing them fully, and letting go of them. Keep accepting yourself at your best and your worst. If you deny your worst self; you cannot be your best self. When you deny your dark out of shame, you prevent yourself from accessing your power and potential. When you connect with your dark out of love, you shine brightly in all your glory. The Clear Quartz Crystal is also specifically crafted to fit in your pocket or bra so you can carry it with you conveniently.


The Healing Collection in the Earth Angel Range includes a Healing Candle, a Healing Booklet, a Clear Quartz Crystal and a Gift Bag.

Healing Collection


Hand-poured in small batches, imbued with angel energy.


Vessel: Black glass


Colour: Creamy white


Wax: 100% pure natural soy wax.

Manufactured using pure soybeans and contains no petroleum, pesticides and herbicides.


Wicks: Cotton wicks feature braided paper fibres to enhance rigidity and make for a softer burn.


Burn time: Approximately 33 hours


Dimensions: 69mm width, 87mm height


Caution: Burn candle within sight.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not burn on or near anything that can catch fire.

Discontinue use when unmelted wax reaches 1cm from the bottom.