The Intention Booklet


The Earth Angel Range. 

The Earth and Heavens are not outside of you. You carry the Earth and Heavens inside. Touch your third eye to the Earth and remember the Most High dwells within you. There is no limit to Your power and the power of the Universe.

The Intention Booklet. 

The energy you emit. Be increasingly intentional with the thoughts you give power to, the projects you honour and the people you let into your sacred space. The thoughts, projects and people you entertain affect your energy fields. Your energy field, in turn, affects your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Look after yourself at an energetic level. Try not to stand in the way of you. 

The Intention Booklet also includes a mantra and an explanation of the Lapis Lazuli Crystal.


Read the Intention Booklet with reverence. It is designed to be short but impactful. It is intended to be able to fit in your bag or keep by your bedside table, so you can reach for it during moments when you need to reawaken the spark of light in your soul and every cell of your body. The Lapis Lazuli Crystal is also specifically crafted to fit in your pocket or bra so you can carry it with you conveniently.

Intention Booklet with Lapis Lazuli Crystal


Angel blessed


Format: Saddle-stitched, 29 pages 


Dimensions: 105mm x 150mm


Published: Australia, 28 May 2018


Language: English 


Writer:  Monique Rita Grace Xuereb